Most recent Identity Theft Avoidance News

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Identification Burglary Avoidance as well as Understanding Month
December is Identification Burglary Prevention as well as Recognition Month. Banking authorities claim identity theft is consistently taking place, but instead they do view a rise during the vacations. To shield yourself, they suggest inspecting your savings account, shredding papers with …
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Illinois Attorney general of the united states Includes Identity Theft Avoidance Recommendation to Vacation Safe
Illinois Attorney general of the united states Lisa Madigan on Monday launched her yearly secure buying overview, which historically has concentrated on the dangerous toys as well as family gadgets that have been remembered in the past year, with a brand-new feature: pointers to shield versus …
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Avoiding identity theft is focus of program at West Brighton church on Dec. 2
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.– A retired NYPD authorities which is now an identity burglary prevention professional will supply a free online forum to assist customers avoid being taken advantage of on Tuesday, Dec. 2 at Olivet Presbyterian Church in West Brighton. James LaPiedra, taking care of …
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Wash. locals disregarding identity theft defense methods, study reveals
A brand-new questionnaire shows that consumers continuously put themselves at danger of identification burglary by dismissing defense suggestions. And also the record, along with job interviews with founded guilty identity thieves, reveal that Washington residents are falling further behind in the …
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Latest Experian Information

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Fico Scores, Card Lending Up: Experian
Experian, among three national customer information companies, reported Tuesday that consumers' credit ratings have risen since 2013. Even more consumers have actually established bank card accounts also, the firm noted in its fifth annual State of Credit learn report …
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Gartner jobs Experian as a Challenger in Magic Quadrant for Data high quality
LONDON, Dec. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Experian information Quality, a part of Experian and a respected supplier of data quality pc software and solutions, these days announced it is placed as a Challenger when you look at the Gartner secret Quadrant for Data Quality …
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Experian Marketing Services manager named lady of the season at 2014
NY, Nov. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Experian advertising Services' senior vice-president of global advertising, Ashley Johnston, ended up being known as the champion of a Gold Stevie® Award for girl of the season in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at the …
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Amherst, NY (PRWEB) December 12, 2014

The year 2014 has proven to be a successful one for Westgate Arbitration. The company has been recognized for its commitment to outstanding customer service and superior performance with six different awards.

Exceeding the expectations of its clients and customers is a guiding principle at Westgate Arbitration. Its agents are among the best in the contact center industry and are committed to providing the best possible experience for the consumers they interact with daily.

Thanks to this commitment, Westgate Arbitration is consistently recognized for its superior performance, dedication to compliance, outstanding customer service and devotion to its clients. Within the last 12 months, Westgate Arbitration has been recognized with the following awards:

Vendor of the Year for Compliance
Best Back Office Vendor
Best Client Support Personnel
Top Performance Award
Top Compliance Award
Top Client Satisfaction Award

WGAs clients are among the largest and most sophisticated financial services organizations in the world and to be acknowledged for the above awards is indeed an honor.

Westgate Arbitrations most recent award came last week, when one of its agents was recognized by one of its largest clients, as their Agent of the Year based upon performance and overall customer treatment.

Congratulations to Susan for this prestigious honor as well as all of the agents and back office staff needed to achieve the above list of awards. WGA continues to appreciate and recognize the dedication to the company and the critical services provided in helping WGA achieve its goals.

About the company:

Westgate Arbitration specializes in the recovery of bad checks. As one of todays most progressive debt recovery companies, Westgate Arbitration works to change the model by which collection agencies operate. The company operates on the Equifax and Debt Net system, which offers nationwide coverage, as well as the Trans Union and Experian credit reporting systems. Westgate Arbitration is one of the largest privately-owned businesses of its kind. They work hard to ensure that each customer is treated fairly and in a friendly manner. For more information about Westgate Arbitration and their debt recovery services, visit their website at

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How to Fix Your Credit Score – What You Must Know

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Unless you’ve already got a very high credit score, one in the 800 range or better, you need to know how to fix it. Your credit score follows you around like a lost dog looking for a home, and can not only get you the financing you need for a home or car, but can get you the best rates too. To top it off, your credit score helps control how much you pay on everything from credit to life and car insurance. As such, your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life except for maybe your blood pressure and cholesterol, and a low credit score can raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

These days your credit score is vitally important. That’s true not just when trying to get credit, as in the past, but for many more mundane parts of your daily life. One are where credit scores are used extensively is in the insurance industry. Many service providers, such as insurance companies have found they can correlate risk to your credit score with a fairly high degree of accuracy. You know what that means; as your credit score falls, your insurance rates rise.

Another area that you may be aware of where your credit score can make a big difference is the rental market. You may find yourself hard pressed to rent an apartment with an abysmal credit score. In some tight rental markets, your score doesn’t even have to be all that bad. If the market is tight, landlords can afford to be more selective, and one of the criteria they’ll use to help select renters is their credit score. Experience has shown that, as with insurance, there is a correlation between the reliability of a renter and their credit score. The lower the credit score, the more the landlord has to worry about.

On top of all these other things, a low credit score will of course make it more expensive to get credit of all kinds; from auto loans to mortgages. With the recent shakeup in the sub prime mortgage market, prospective borrowers may find it difficult to secure a mortgage if their credit score strays too low.

Given the disaster that is a low credit score, if yours is low, you’ll probably be looking for ways to fix your credit score. It is possible to fix your credit score, and there are some basic techniques you can use to do the fixing. First and foremost you should order a copy of your credit report from one of the three major reporting agencies; TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian. You are able to order one report free of charge each year from each of the agencies. You should stagger them so one will arrive approximately every three months. You’ll use the first one as a baseline so you’ll be aware of any future changes.

Once you receive your free credit report, set about poring over it thoroughly so that you can determine if there are any errors. It’s not at all uncommon for credit reports to contain mistakes. In fact, according to recently published estimates, between 20 – 25% of credit reports have mistakes that can affect your credit score. Sadly, it’s usually for the worse. If you do find any mistakes, you’ll have to contact the creditor and the reporting agency to get them cleared from your report.

Once your credit report is accurate, you’ll want to raise your score as high as possible so you can get the best interest rates and other credit terms. First of all, there are some things you don’t want to do if you’re aiming to fix your credit score. The most important thing not to do is pay your bills late. Late payments, especially those over 90 days, are disastrous to your credit score, so avoid them at all costs. In fact, your credit history is the most influential component of your credit score. It should go without saying, but keep accounts out of collection. Collection actions can follow you around for 7 years, and obviously have a negative impact on your credit score.

Your credit score is views recent credit history more heavily than your activity farther in your past, so if you’ve had a few fairly recent late payments, simply waiting for a year or so while continuing to pay your bills on time will raise your score too. After the late payments are approximately 24 months behind you, they will not have the same impact on your score.

If your balances are high, simply paying them down can have a dramatic, positive effect on your credit score. Reducing high balances on revolving accounts will go a long way toward fixing a low score. This has an effect on 2 key components of your score; credit utilization percentage and total outstanding debt. Together, these 2 factors account for about 40% of your credit score, so you can see how optimizing them will help fix your credit score. The credit utilization score indicates someone’s available revolving credit as a percentage of their total revolving credit. For example, if you have 4 credit cards with limits totaling $ 20,000, and you owe $ 10,000 on them, you have a 50% credit utilization score.

Something else that is affected by high balances that’s not actually part of your credit score, but does affect you ability to get a mortgage is your debt to income ratio. Although your amount of total debt is a very large part of your credit score, the actual debt to income ratio isn’t. Typically, lenders want to see both a high credit score and a total debt to income ratio of less than 36%. They’ll use these when calculating how much home you’re able to afford, and if they’ll extend financing to you at all.. In the opinion of many financial advisors, 36% is way too high and leaves precious little room for error down the road. A figure of 20 – 22% is a more conservative number many experts are far more comfortable with.

Other things that are used to calculate your credit score are the length of your credit history and the number of recent credit inquires by prospective creditors. The length of your history can be fixed by simply waiting for a period of time after you have opened your first credit accounts. That will lengthen your credit history.

Credit inquires by creditors are known as “pulls” in the credit industry. There are 2 types; hard and soft. You need to be concerned only with hard pulls. They are generated when a prospective creditor checks your creditor. That happens every time you apply for credit, weather it’s for a store card, a major credit card or a car loan. Every one of these will lower your credit score by about 5 points for 6 months, so if you’re going to be financing a car or getting a mortgage in the near future, do not apply for other credit. The exception to this would be if you have no credit at all and are trying to establish a credit history before applying for your loan.

If you know you’ll be financing a vehicle or getting a mortgage in the near future, a little legwork on your credit score no could save you big money for years to come. So, stay away from late payments, but almost as important, you must keep you debt at manageable levels.

The average American has over ,000 in credit card debt. In today’s society, it’s essential that your credit score is as high as possible. Not only will a high credit score allow you to get the financing your need such as mortgages and car loans, it will literally save you thousands of dollars doing so. For special strategies to fix your credit score, go to the fix your credit score guide.

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Thwarting Identity Theft Attacks

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Bank of India, one of the largest public sector banks in India has been in the forefront of introducing various innovative services and systems, one of them being StarToken Secure Internet Banking, powered by UNIKENs Rel-IDSM for its retail banking customers. With this technology being successfully rolled out to BOIs Internet banking users across India, chances are that such large-scale implementation of this cutting-edge technology might be a pioneering and game-changing event in the industry.

To protect their customers from internet fraud and identity theft, Bank of India is rolling out StarToken in phases, in line with its StarConnect branded Secure Internet Banking services. And StarToken is powered by the patented Rel-IDSM technology, developed by UNIKEN a product and technology innovation company based in Florida (USA) with their Innovation Centre in Pune, India. Rel-IDSM not only sets up a secure communication channel between the users PC and the banks servers, but also provides a secure browser and secure desktop, that can protect the customers against phishing, pharming, Man-in-the-Middle, Man-in-the-Browser attacks, spyware, malware, key-loggers, screen-scrapers, Trojans and soon.


Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day and frauds related to internet banking and online payment transactions are on the rise across the world. While we continue to educate our customers about what precautions to take, BOI wanted to implement an IT solution that could empower our customers to protect their own identity online and be able to do banking safely from any computing device without worrying about security, elaborates SameerJ. Ratolikar, Chief Information Security Officer, Risk Management Department, Bank of India. Today, two-factor authentication on our part is not enough the customer should also be given some means to authenticate the banks site in order to stop the phishing attacks. Furthermore, neither the bank nor the customer has any control on the network, so the customer should be able to connect to the bank on an encrypted communication channel over and above SSL. And this channel has to be unique and only be established with the bank and no one else. Also, the customers PC is exposed to multiple threats. The ideal security solution should protect the customer from such threats and allow him/her to bank even from an unsecure PC.


Offering the promise of meeting such stringent criteria, UNIKENs secure banking solution TruBankSM, powered by the innovative Rel-IDSM technology based on two-factor, mutual authentication at the network level, was deployed by Bank of India and system-integrated by HP.

To understand how this disruptive technology works, Dr. Pat Shankar, Chief Scientist, UNIKEN and advisor to US Dept. of Defense explains, Both the customer, as well as the customers access device are authenticated before providing the customer access to the banks servers. An encrypted private tunnel is then established between the bank and the client over which all the data can then be securely transmitted. This tunnel is over and above the SSL channel that the bank normally uses for its internet banking services. So now the bank and its customers can only connect via the secure access client, which has an in-built Secure Desktop and Secure Browser technology, which protects the customer against most of the known malicious spyware on users PCs. Additional authorization for all transactions including third party transfers and merchant payments using Net Banking is also required.

Effectively, this solution provides protocol-level authentication of both the client and the server, thus eliminating phishing, pharming and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. The TruBankSM client therefore also protects the customers from key-loggers, screen-scrapers, Trojans, malicious browser add-ons and helper objects. While these technologies isolate the customer from harm on their PCs, the Rel-IDSM Mutual Authentication and Encryption Protocol (RMAP) ensures that the customer only connects to the Bank and to nobody else. The protocol tunnels the https traffic providing an on-demand private network between the Bank and the TruBankSM client.

The solution complies with two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption requirements issued by various regulatory agencies across the world and keeps Bank of India ready for future compliance requirements.

Result: Successful Implementation in Phases

Bank of India initiated the deployment of this technology in April 2010 and thousands of customers all across India have already been successfully migrated to the new technology. It is being rolled out in phases. Most customers are readily adopting this solution and complimenting the bank for its proactive efforts to provide them greater security in todays unsafe environment. The roll-out was completed smoothly with minimum interference with normal Internet banking usage. We have increased the online security levels by an order of magnitude without affecting the user experience. Rel-IDSM is already proving to be critical in making Bank of India one of the more secure banks in the world today, reported UNIKENs on-site team. Staying ahead of the technology curve is critical today when it comes to providing security. As attacks become more sophisticated by the day, innovative solutions and the end users eager acceptance will be the key to success something that had been the norm in the developed economies can now be seen in the Indian scenario, concludes Sanjay.

Online Banking
Bank of Inia

Portland, OR (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

intimate Abuse solicitors Irwin M. Zalkin for the Zalkin lawyer and Portland lawyer Kristian Roggendorf, associated with the Roggendorf attorney have filed an intimate misuse civil lawsuit from the North Hillsboro Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses, located in Hillsboro, Oregon in addition to Watchtower Bible and system community of the latest York, Inc. town Portland lawyer, Paul Mones, can be representing the plaintiffs in this case.

The scenario was submitted into the Circuit legal of Oregon for the County of Multnomah, Case No. 14-CV-18423. The suit had been recorded on the behalf of Velicia Alston an additional unnamed Plaintiff, John Roe, who had been both small young ones whenever their families had been mixed up in Congregation during the so-called misuse.

Based on the municipal grievance, the Plaintiff Velicia Alston ended up being sexually abused as a child by Daniel Castellanos (Castellanos) who was simply a Baptized Publisher and Elder or Ministerial Servant in Hillsboro Congregation. The grievance alleges that Castellanos sexually abused and molested the plaintiff on several events whenever she ended up being around 11 or 12 years of age. The civil issue also includes the allegation that Castellanos sexually abused and molested on multiple events an extra Plaintiff, John Roe, as he ended up being around 8-10 years of age.

As a result of Castellanos alleged intimate punishment, molestation, and breach of trust, the suit alleges that the Plaintiffs suffered and consistently experience extreme and debilitating actual, mental, and psychological injury, including pain and suffering, physical and mental trauma, and permanent psychological damage specific from the abuse itself. The lawsuit wants damages and future charges for guidance, psychiatric and mental hospital treatment.

The grievances allege that the defendants named in the case, the Hillsboro Congregation, the Watchtower Bible and Tract community of brand new York, Inc., were negligent inside their legal task to protect the minor children inside their attention and were unsuccessful in their responsibility to stop the perpetrator, Daniel Castellanos, from sexually molesting kids. The complaint additionally alleges that the defendants owed a duty to analyze rather than employ the perpetrator and neglected to perform a fair investigation associated with the so-called punishment.

Based on the problem, the Defendants created a foreseeable chance of Castellanos abusing small congregants, including Plaintiffs within the after methods:

Failure to report Castellanos towards police;
Failure to train the Jehovahs Witness Elders and leadership to report to law enforcement allegations of a grownup sexually abusing a kid;
Failure to screen or exclude Castellanos from connection with kids inside the Jehovahs Witness Organization;
Failure to alert Plaintiffs moms and dads and parents of similarly situated kiddies of threat posed by Castellanos after they discovered or had explanation to discover that he had sexually abused a minor; and
Failure to make usage of and/or enforce common sense policies to prevent youngster misuse.

Irwin Zalkin wants to be admitted professional hac vice in cases like this.

About The Zalkin Law Firm

With workplaces in San Diego and New York, The Zalkin Law Firm is one of the leading sexual abuse and private injury organizations in the country. The company’s solicitors have represented hundreds of survivors of youth sexual misuse and accomplished groundbreaking causes many high-profile clergy punishment instances throughout the usa. The Zalkin law practice has aggressively represented survivors just who suffered kid intimate punishment and sexual attack while members of religious alongside organizations, like the Catholic Church, foster attention, Boy Scouts, recovery homes, foreign pupil change programs, colleges additionally the Jehovahs Witnesses. The company features negotiated over $ 210 million in settlements for sufferers in Catholic clergy intercourse misuse cases. Recently, the Zalkin law practice represented a victim of youth intimate misuse at a San Diego Jehovahs Witnesses congregation who was awarded $ 13.5 million in problems in the same instance (Case No. 37-2012-00099849-CU-PO-CTL).

About Kristian Roggendorf

For more than 14 years, Kristian Roggendorf is within forefront of representing sufferers of kid punishment in Oregon. He has aided establish Oregon law through effective studies and appeals in legal actions resistant to the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, public school areas, together with Oregon Department of Human Services, amongst others. Recently, Mr. Roggendorf made headlines taking legal actions from the Archdiocese of Portland for abuse by notorious child molester Fr. Maurice Grammond, and has over 30 reported instances to his credit, including several of the most significant Oregon youngster misuse choices during the last 14 years.

About Paul Mones, Co- Attorney

For over thirty-three many years Paul Mones features devoted their appropriate training to safeguarding sufferers of son or daughter abuse. The primary focus of his tasks are representing victims of sexual misuse resistant to the organizations where children had been intimately molested. These efforts have included many legal actions contrary to the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church, exclusive and public schools along with other youth-serving companies fancy sports teams for the usa. Paul is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Law School and it is an associate for the bar in California, Massachusetts and Oregon.

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Getting a Free TransUnion Credit Score Report

December 1, 2014 | Comments Off

Those who have maybe not heard about TransUnion is either somebody staying in yesteryear or someone who are able to just be home more without any method of communication aided by the outside globe. It really is one of the 3 credit agencies which banks and lenders count on to test if somebody has actually an excellent credit ranking. Thus, one could stick to the surface of the circumstance through getting a copy of the identical report very first prior to it being provided for respective finance companies or creditors. Is it really possible to obtain a free TransUnion credit history?

You ought to not be astonished there is zero solution to get a totally free TransUnion credit history report. But many solutions provide a totally free test duration where one has sufficient time to ask and acquire a duplicate of the credit history; this is certainly if it is perhaps all you desired to do. It is critical to bear in mind but that getting a copy associated with report is only the first step. If you see that there is a negative product on your report which incorrect, would you have the ability to live with that comprehending that it would suggest higher interest levels or payment terms for you? That’ll be quite unacceptable.

Therefore, after acquiring a free of charge TransUnion credit history report, the next step is for you to dispute the incorrect things to be able to update and enhance one’s credit rating. Without the help of specialists or experts in this arena, it may be impossible to overturn the negative products or it could take many years. Which good if you are certain you do not have to submit an application for credit anytime soon. However, this is often a serious problem when an urgent situation arises along with no choice but to obtain financing. If this is maybe not corrected with time, you will need to live with spending greater interest rates and saying yes to high monthly premiums.

For this reason it’s important that when you get a free of charge TransUnion credit history report, you need to make sure that any wrong products are disputed. How much money you will spend for such an undertaking is unquestionably less than the additional amount you need to pay for with debt interest and payments. Besides, you are able to be updated if there are changes in your overall credit standing considering your financial tasks. Thus, you’ll be able maintain loss of the economic standing on a normal foundation and work out certain all things are accurately reported all the time.

The sooner you can get his free TransUnion credit history, the larger are the possibilities which he should be able to fix the incorrect things before he encounters the requirement to acquire that loan. With this in mind, one can be sure that they can get the very best appropriate interest levels and will also be capable manage his finances better. Over time, the quantity he spent keeping in mind tab of his credit report is well worth it.

Browse and obtain immediate access and get around ,000,000 well worth of identity theft security utilizing the best credit tracking service on the web.

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Newest Credit rating Rating News

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Your Credit report Reveals Method A lot more Compared to You Understand
Don’t bother the blood stress driving test: A brand-new research finds that you can state to just how healthy and balanced somebody'' s heart is simply by taking a look at their credit history. The research, released in Process of the National Academy of Sciences, discovers a connection in between high …
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11 steps to improve your credit report rating
Due to that variant– as well as since a loan provider could not make use of the exact same credit report you obtain– be mindful of the level of your scores, as well as follow their fad over time. John Ulzheimer, a credit history specialist at the website Credit rating Sesame and formerly of FICO …
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Credit history-Scoring Companies Take Objective at Malaysia
U.S. business are competing to bring credit-scoring versions to Malaysia in a step that might widen access to credit history each time when heavy borrowing has actually already made the nation among Asia'' s most indebted. Tuesday, San Jose, Calif.-based Exhibition Isaac Corp.
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Latest Experian News

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BillGuard And Experian Partner For Consumer Protection
BillGuard, which offers free monitoring of credit and debit card activity and notifies users of fraud and unauthorized charges, has partnered with the identity theft prevention of Experian to provide a comprehensive service for consumers whose cards …
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Canaccord Genuity Raises Experian plc Price Target to GBX 929 (EXPN)
Experian plc logo Canaccord Genuity lifted their target price on shares of Experian plc (LON:EXPN) from GBX 928 ($ 14.52) to GBX 929 ($ 14.54) in a research note issued on Tuesday. The firm currently has a “hold” rating on the stock. Canaccord Genuity's …
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Experian plc Upgraded by Oriel Securities Ltd to "Buy" (EXPN)
Experian plc logo Experian plc (LON:EXPN) was upgraded by equities researchers at Oriel Securities Ltd to a “buy” rating in a research report issued on Monday. The firm currently has a GBX 1,192 ($ 18.65) price objective on the stock. Oriel Securities …
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Silver Dollar Collection

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The silver dollar collection you are considering should be one filled with interesting stories and history. The United States Mint has been producing these coins since 1794, but for some reason, many versions of the coins never really took hold. Although single dollar coins have been popular in other cultures, in the United States, they were often put on the backburner or no longer produced at all since there was such a lack of interest in using them for many years.

Those who like to collect the silver dollar will find that over their lifetime, dollar coins have been minted in various materials, including gold, silver, nickel, copper, brass, manganese and zinc. Of all of these types, most people who have a silver dollar collection, usually because they have the more interesting history behind them. The composition of these silver coins is 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. Silver on its own is simply too weak to hold up to the rigors of everyday use. The actual silver weight of the coins is .7736 troy ounces. In the Trade Dollar, there was an increase in the amount of silver put into the coins. This was done to up the value higher so the coin could be used in foreign markets. Those particular coins were not meant to be circulated in the United States. The last silver dollar coins to be minted for circulation were in 1970 and these had only 40 percent silver with 60 percent copper nickel.

Those who start a silver dollar collection should know a bit about the history of these coins. First, when the coins were first minted in 1794, the value of one dollar was significant. It could buy you a great deal during that time. More so, silver was just as valuable as gold was during that time. The first coins to be minted were very limited since finding silver to use was difficult to do.

What is more interesting about a silver dollar collection is that they were not often used in general circulation for one reason or another. In some cases, the value of a dollar was simply too high. In other situations, the value of silver rose so high that it was too difficult to mint them. In other cases, they just did not do well in general circulation. In the 1870′s they were legislated out of production, in fact, because of their lack of need. No one missed them, except for the silver industry. The silver industry worked hard to get these coins minted again and in 1878 they were started again, and minted through 1804. They broke at that point from minting for general circulation until 1836.

If you are planning to start a silver dollar collection, do spend some time considering older pieces where are considered more valuable, especially those coins minted in 1794. The 1804 silver dollar is also one of the most valuable coins due to its very limited production. Any of these coins can be part of your collection.

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We offer curbside leaf collection services in the West St. Louis County area. We charge per minute for the vacuum truck and operator with a minimum. A…
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